It was the beautiful summer of 2009 and Jeanette Petri, editor in chief of Anattitude Magazine (the first and only existing international Hip Hop magazine on print, to present the female side of Hip Hop culture), was about to finish the 3rd issue of her magazine.


Living around the corner of JoBee, singer and radiohost at FM Brussel (now BRUZZ),  they decided to throw a big release event in the centre of the city for the upcoming issue of the magazine. Therefore the two wanted to bring together a team of creative and motivated ladies with a heart for hiphop, exactly in the spirit of Anattitude.

They arranged a meeting in Ghent together with 5 others: urban photographer Lizairo, CYMO-blogger & music manager Nadia-O, singer/dj Fatoosan, music manager Vaneeshua and musician/dj MikiGold. 

Not knowing each other that very well personally, it was instantly clear that they were on the same page when it came to the rich culture of hip hop. Their first event took place on October 2009 at Tavernier in Brussels and was a huge success. That’s when SupAfly was born as a collective and started a long-lasting and inspiring journey. In 2010 they were asked to host a weekly live radio show on BRUZZ, the capital’s largest radio station.


Early 2012, when Nadia began djing under the alias Young Mocro and Vaneeshua took her place behind the turntables as well, within the collective began to form what is now the first and only female hip hop DJ crew in the country. Combining each their own sound and skills, the Supafly-DJ sets sound excitingly diverse, covering rap music from classic rap over the golden era boombap to fresh beats and trap. They’ve established a solid reputation in many clubs and have shared the bill with legendary hiphop artists such as Slum Village, Us3, Antipop Consortium, Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks and Speech Debelle.


Meanwhile singer JoBee started working on her solo project JoBee Project, Lizairo continued her work as a photographer and has a richly filled portfolio containing portraits of many hip hop legends and Jee Nice has released her fifth issue of Anattitude and a book about graffiti artist Rosy One.